Are you a Liquidator seeking to sell businesses, companies or shareholdings?

Liquidators have responsibilities to creditors to achieve the best possible sale price but do not necessarily have the ability to achieve this. 

Knowledge of how to package the business, location of buyers and understanding of timing and processes involved is a specialist area in which professional advice is required to fairly find the best value for the assets to be disposed of.

V4G can manage the sale process on your behalf.


  • Presenting the assets for sale in the best possible way to achieve the best possible sale price and return a good dividend for creditors
  • Understanding the business or company to be sold and identifying who might wish to purchase it for an optimum price and a concluded sale
  • Finding a buyer for parcels of shares in private companies.


  • V4G provides the advisory service to identify the  best-possible alternatives and assist liquidators  to decide how best to realize the assets
  • We offer a proven and established track record in helping liquidators dispose of assets strategically and realize maximum returns in the process.
  • We have an industry-wide network that helps us find the best possible purchaser for your business or company
  • We offer post-transaction advisory services to help integrate your businesses with the new owners thereby freeing you up to focus on your core business and finalize the liquidation


  • You can avoid the time taken in understanding the assets to be disposed of, preparing them for sale and locating suitable buyers
  • You can demonstrate to the creditors the benefits of a third party who is expert in these matters.
  • We offer individual solutions for all of the assets you need to liquidate.
  • Professional and focused approach by V4G offers significant cost and time savings on transactions
    Strong benefits exist through us offering post transaction assistance. This leave you free to continue with the liquidation

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