Virgin Entrepreneur

Looking to sell your business?


Virgin Entrepreneurs are those who are first-time entrepreneurs and have setup their business from scratch. They have taken the risk of investing their capital in a new venture, and now want to sell a part or whole of their business. This might be driven by a variety of motives – including the need for cash for personal reasons, desire to book profits from the initial investment, need for funds to invest in a new business or asset, etc.



  • Identifying the strategic buyers who would be interested in buying your business at a fair price
  • Ensuring that the terms of your exit are favourable for you, including fair treatment of your employees and continuation of the legacy established by you.
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in negotiating and structuring these deals
  • Insufficient due-diligence on the buyers' motives  and capacity to pay can result in post-sale disaster


  • Proprietary database that identifies potential buyers interested in similar lines of business
  • Professionals with deep industry knowledge of a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, technology, software and IT services, travel etc. This helps you to conduct a fair value analysis and create an attractive sales pitch
  • Preparation of detailed and comprehensive business plans, clearly showing future earnings and return on investment calculations
  • Deal structuring and negotiation services to ensure a fair valuation of your business


  • V4G protects your interest with valuable inputs before, during and after the sale
  • Successful negotiation with interested entrepreneurs to arrive at right business valuation and desired ownership structure
  • Unbiased and independent advisory ensures complete transparency, thus reducing chances of conflicts in deal making.

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