Accredited Investor

Want to invest in a business?


The term Accredited Investor has different connotation in different geographical areas. Broadly speaking, an Accredited Investor is an individual or a corporation that is allowed to invest in complex and higher risk investments including hedge funds, UCITS, seed money, limited partnerships and angel investor networks. Generally pension funds, endowment funds and corporations along with high net worth individuals qualify as accredited investors.

At V4G, we manage separate accounts for accredited investors, corporations and family offices. Our professionals ensure that you have access to a project based range of asset classes and financial strategies to balance short-term liquidity requirements with long-term wealth creation goals.



  • Understanding investors' short, medium and long term investment objectives and expected returns during the holding period
  • Creating client-specific risk profile based on clients' risk appetite
  • Selecting asset classes based on client's risk-return profile


  • Custom made solutions in accordance with individual client's overall risk profile
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and periodic review of overall macro and micro economic factors
  • Project based open source investment opportunities



We deploy non-consensus investment strategies and challenge common knowledge that's generally known and factored in asset prices. Our independent research and streamlined investment strategy ensure homogeneous and invariable returns in different market conditions. Our experts have deep insight and experience in equities, derivatives, fixed income, currency and commodity markets.



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