Fund Manager

Need to cash out of your investments?


Fund Managers typically manage the money raised by funds, which are in the form of collective investment vehicles. They seek investments in the fund from institutional, high-net worth and other individuals, and invest in various types of equity, debt and other structured instruments. A lot of their investments are relatively illiquid due to the sheer size of the investments, or due to the companies not being listed.V4G helps fund managers lock in their profits or cash out of these rather illiquid investments, by finding strategic buyers for their investments.



  • Identifying the potential investors to buy out their investments in various kinds of assets
  • Finalizing a fair value for the investments, so that a deal to sell the stake can take place
  • Difficulty in assessing the potential buyers' financial standing and capacity to pay


  • V4G helps identify the potential strategic buyers who are interested in buying-out your investments
  • We assist in negotiations with potential buyers to arrive at the right business valuation
  • In-depth analysis of the buying companies' financial strength, to ensure that they posses adequate capital to fund the investment


  • V4G protects your interest with valuable inputs before, during and after the sale
  • Professional advice coupled with our high quality sales channel helps you maximise the value from your investments
  • Unbiased and independent advisory ensures complete transparency, thus reducing chances of conflicts in deal making

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