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Many investment bankers often realise that a majority of deals, while looking good on paper, failed to produce the desired returns for their clients' investments. Whether due to misreading of prevalent market conditions or overly optimistic financial projections, investment decisions often turn out deficient and fall short of clients' expectations.
V4G originates deals after conducting extensive market analysis of both macro and micro trends, making sure there is synergy in operations. V4G acts as a 'dealmaker' for investment bankers, excelling in its role as an active advisor, rather than a passive 'deal-taker'. V4G delivers corporate finance alternatives and solutions to both new and seasoned banking professionals.



  • Investment bankers are now facing the challenge of identifying new revenue streams and ensuring higher returns since proprietary trading is seen as risky by both investors and regulators
  • Manage liquidity risk
  • Offering value to investors and not just managing own margins
  • Managing capital and resource constraints
  • Getting ready for the new wave of regulatory changes such as Basel III, Capital Requirements Directives 2 and 3 and OTC derivative clearing regulations on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Undertaking effective risk management measures
  • Focusing on growth and emerging markets

Our Solutions

  • We help our clients develop sophisticated strategies that seeks to offer higher returns while protecting their capital
  • Advising on most efficient methods of conducting banking, securities trading and other activities and bifurcate their businesses in EU and non-EU regions
  • Helping develop robust systems and processes that are inline with yet to be introduced regulations
  • Striving to mitigate bankers' strategic, operational, credit and market risks continually by reviewing performance regularly



Our innovative and insightful methods deliver the best results. 'Client first' has been our enduring philosophy while maintaining utmost integrity and trust. We distinguish ourselves in investment banking advisory services through our ability to deal with most complex issues that requires experience and on-the-ground resources that a truly leading financial firm can provide.


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