Financial Acquirer

Want to sell your business?


Financial buyer or acquirer (also known as 'financial sponsor') includes family investment offices, PE and VC firms, hedge funds and ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNW). Financial acquirers are generally in the business of buying and selling businesses and look to 'buy low exit high'. They invest in private companies that have strong growth opportunities and stable cash-flow prospects and tend to exit through an IPO to realise return on investment. Unlike a strategic acquirer, a financial acquirer does not seek to gain from marketing or operating synergies. Investment firms/groups must eventually exit the business to realise the required return on capital, and hence by nature has shorter investment horizons.

V4G management helps you navigate the complex world of financial acquisitions. V4G's fully integrated team of professionals possess diverse transaction experiences and combines high-quality advisory with strategic insights.



  • To identify companies with continued growth opportunities and capacity to earn profits consistently
  • To secure favourable purchase price based on the economics of the target company


  • Our proprietary database contains thousands of profiles. We quickly narrow down on businesses that are 'growth companies' and are cash flow positive
  • Dedicated due-diligence and valuation teams ensure strong execution capabilities with quick response time


  • Faster transaction reduces unnecessary delays and bottlenecks
  • V4G prides itself as an integrated service provider backed by its strengths in origination, deal structuring and arranging capital requirements
  • Capability to provide one-stop arrangement for all client requirements makes V4G an extremely strong player in the financial acquisition sector

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