Family Business

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Some of the biggest wealth creators of this world have shaped their fortunes through family owned enterprises. It is not an easy decision to sell the family business after toiling hard for years to build it. There can be conflicting opinions and interests about divesting ownership to a third party. Reconciling conflicting interests remain the biggest challenge for closely held or family owned businesses.


V4G professionals help initiate inter-family discussions to create synergy and unity of vision, maintaining an independent voice throughout the process. We address areas of conflict and establish rules and protocols to ensure a smooth transit of ownership for privately/family held businesses.



  • To achieve best financial outcome for shareholders by locating the best strategic option on most attractive terms
  • To prepare comprehensive memorandums that highlights the company's strategic and financial value
  • Family members have often divergent views & objectives resulting in disputes over exit timing and strategies


  • We resolve conflicts and establish protocols to bring harmony among the members/owners
  • We identify potential buyers based on best strategic and business fit criteria, who are also likely to pay a premium
  • Our experts guide you through every step and ensures they deal with the complexities of the sale process, ensuring you stay focused on running the business
  • We have in-house professionals who are experts at consensus building and iron-out family disputes over exit strategies, creating win-win proposition for all stakeholders


  • Our proactive approach ensures speedy consensus among owners, thus significantly reducing transaction time.
  • We take pride in developing strategies that promotes family harmony, fairness and transparency while divesting or restructuring ownership.

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