Sell-Side Advisor

Looking for investors for your clients' assets?


Sell side advisors typically advise clients on selling their businesses, and help them prepare their companies for sale. The sale can take any form – be it an Initial or Follow-up Public Offering or an Outright Sale of the entire business. Sell side advisors help their clients by providing various types of financial services and support, including in-depth analysis, financial advice, help in identifying buyers and closing the deal. Their objective is to maximize the deal value for the clients and the value of the assets being sold.



  • Identifying the strategic buyers who would be interested in buying your clients' business at a fair price
  • Ensuring that the terms of your clients' exit are not unfavourable, post-sale fair treatment of the employees and continuation of the legacy established
  • Negotiating and determining the fair value of the business becomes very difficult when the business or similar businesses are not publicly traded


  • Our proprietary database identifies potential and qualified buyers interested in similar lines of business
  • We provide deal structuring to ensure that all the criteria of the sellers are met, and a fair valuation is received for the business
  • Our syndication services bring together a number of buyers in cases of large and risky businesses


  • Our professional advice coupled with high quality research help you maximize returns from your investments
  • Our large membership base consisting of both small and large investors – helps you in networking, sharing ideas and forming angel groups to pool investment capital
  • Our team provides all the required professional services and ensures financing rounds are successfully completed

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