A rewarding way to expand in Europe

"Acquiring a European business can be a highly cost-effective way to access a new market. It can also be an excellent way to diversify product offerings, reduce operating costs or obtain valuable assets."


That's why so many companies turn to Ventures4Growth. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to expertly guide cross-border acquisitions, from initial contact to closing.


What's more, Ventures4Growth can open doors you may not be able to open yourself. That's because we speak the local languages of business owners and are sensitive to cultural differences—advantages that, while subtle, can mean the difference between a promising conversation and a closed deal.


When you work with Ventures4Growth you'll enjoy:

  • A customized strategic search to find the very best match for your needs
  • Dedicated, multilingual team members who have contacts in a wide range of industries
  • Advice from professional consultants who can draw on the expertise of our network of specialists and industry experts
  • A single point of contact who will manage all process, paperwork and communication
  • Access to proprietary databases with exclusive information about a large number of European companies
  • A process that's cost-effective and efficient, since we'll only present promising, highly qualified targets
  • Improved market knowledge and a better developed European network as a result of having participated in our process

With Ventures4Growth, you'll save time, money and effort; your affairs will be handled with the utmost professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. Interested in acquisition opportunities in Europe? Register with us as a European Acquirer  Or get in touch with Gary Beyer in the US to answer all questions about European Acquisitions you may have.