• In the INCEPTION stage in the business lifecycle your company is legally formed. You have developed a prototype or model of your product or service and it works. Also, you have likely started to produce your offering. You have a clear market and a clear demographic. You are in the process of securing financing and preparing to launch your idea. Planning is critical here; your success as a business will depend on how well you plan your offering, its launch and possible issues that could emerge. Further, your ability to follow through with and adapt your plan as necessary is paramount.
  • If you want to pull out before your business is ever launched, Ventures4Growth can help you make sure there are no loose ends. Moreover, Ventures4Growth can help you sell your business to another company or entrepreneur before you ever open your doors. We know that there are private investors looking for investment opportunities and we know what they value. We can market your business to them and elicit interest through detailed valuations, forecasts and market research. Ventures4Growth will also market your budding business to complimentary businesses and would-be competitors to make sure that you get the full value of your company's assets.

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