• In the SURVIVAL stage of the business lifecycle, your focus in on consistency. Work has become routine. You may have to adapt to changes in customer preferences, the economy or competition in your industry, and continually improve and adjust your systems to reflect these changes. Surviving is the goal of many businesses. You may not want to grow your business past a point, being instead content to earn a modest but stable income and maintain a certain quality of life as a result. Having a large company simply may not be of interest to you.
  • Quitting your business during the SURVIVAL phase is a tough decision to make. You may find that you would rather exit your business than continue with it if grows too large. There are emotional considerations; after all, your business was like a child you had conceived and raised. Many business owners become so emotionally attached to their companies that they miss out on opportunities to sell or expand the company. There are also practical issues; as a small business owner, you may not even be aware that certain opportunities exist. Ventures4Growth can help you identify these opportunities. We keep a steady eye on what will give you the greatest return for your business over time. We can help you plan for a profitable exit from your business by focusing on the relative value of your company and its assets.


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