• In the EXPANSION phase of the business lifecycle, everything is bigger. Your product variety is larger, you have more employees and more sales and your processes are becoming more formalized. With the fruits also come the spoils; you have more competition and greater risk. There is also more worry. While this can translate into greater rewards, sometimes it turns your company into a place in which you do not want to be anymore. Only 1 in 7 companies will ever reach this point, either because they do not want to or they lack knowledge about how to maintain growth and expand profitably.
  • If you want to exit your company at this point, strategy is paramount. The bigger your business, the larger your legal concerns. Ventures4Growth can help you transition to becoming a shareholder or help you sell your business altogether. At this point, you likely have some brand power and, in a sale, this has to be valued just like your forecasted sales. Ventures4Growth can do that for you. Further, your prospects for the future will be different and require in depth valuation. Ventures4Growth can help you craft a strategy that lets you achieve the full value for your business.

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