• The MATURITY phase of the business lifecycle is not glamorous. There are no huge swells in growth. Instead, you have to constantly fight to hold your ground. After a while, profits decline. Whether the issue is that the economy is down, the trend has shifted or a new competitor is driving down your costs, company maturity can be stressful. This company you had built from the ground up, and that had served you so well, may end up costing you money. You will have to make a choice about whether to reinvest in the company or sell it.
  • Whether you are thinking to retire or sell, there are important tax and legal considerations. You need someone to guide you through common pitfalls. Ventures4Growth can help. Our experts do not have the same emotional attachment to the business that you do, so we can provide advice that is not biased. We understand the complexities and can evaluate your options objectively. The team at Ventures4Growth can take into account the tax and legal considerations you face in this phase of your company's growth and help you make an informed decision that reflects the true costs you face based on your specific situation.

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